How To Become An Influencer - REAL advice

  • Our CEO knows exactly how hard it is to break into a market that is already saturated. Cosmetics is one of the most crowded and expensive industries to break into. Since 2016, Colour Junkie has continued to defy expectations as an indie brand in a small market (launching in New Zealand, which is a TINY market) and get creative! Every day, we get emails, DM's and comments from those who are looking to become an influencer. We respond as well as we can, however, there are ways that YOU can hack US and get us begging (or any brand) to have you be part of their PR/influencer list. We KNOW you can do it and we want to support you as best we can to help you on your way to Insta-success! We want to help you achieve your dreams. Being a well established cosmetics brand means we have insights and tips that no influencer will tell you, because they don't want the competition!

  • Even if you have a small account right now, you can make money and get free products from Instagram brands. You might be what’s known as a “micro-influencer.”

Micro influencers are a segment of the Instagram influencer population that is typically defined as having a low amount of followers when compared to the big players. They retain the identifier of “influencer” because of their success within a niche, and for having an engaged audience.

  • While most brands usually look for numbers first, we realize the implications of working with micro-influencers whose audiences represent a more exact match for their target demographics. From a budgeting standpoint, we can also understand the benefit of working with micro influencers, as the most popular Instagram influencers charge much higher per post. Even small businesses with limited budgets are wising up to micro-influencers as a low-cost, high-reward marketing tactic.

SO, how do "wannabe" influencers get here?

  • Have you already seen posts (probably) from other Instagram micro-influencers where they are collaborating with a brand and tagging them in their Instagram posts? Some common cosmetics Collab’s include; makeup, brushes and skincare. Did you know that they may not have even been paid or been sent product? Some of them just ACT like they did to gain followers and momentum. Becoming a micro influencer before any brand has even heard of them. It really works. Make it out like you do it for a living and tag as many brands as you can. Buy their stuff. Wear stuff from brands that you already have. Use your mum's products. Tag the brands as MANY times as you can. Other's who want to be an influencer will see you "doing it" and will follow you and interact with you as well.

  • The biggest thing it does for an up and coming influencer, is show other brands that they are open to working with them and can help promote their products/services. Meaning from your first Collab, if you do it well, you can create a snow-ball effect. Wear anything that creates an "influencer' appearance in the eyes of the 'gram. Tell the world WHY they NEED that product. Seriously, wear everything you can. Post in your IG feed and stories and be sure to tag the CRAP out those brands and include hashtags that relate to it. Post the hashtags in the comments section, it will trick IG into thinking it's already a popular post and will show it to more people.

Like everything in life, it’s a numbers game. The more you tag brands, the more chances you have, of having that brand contact you and wanting to compensate you in some way for the free exposure. But, (this is where the faking it part comes in), it’s not all about that. It’s about how you come across to your followers and portray yourself to other brands that could come across upon your account.

  • For most Instagram users, it will look like you are working with the brands that you’re tagging. So, by doing this, it will make it apparent to other brands that you’re willing and open to Collab’s and partnering with different companies. Meaning those brands will be more likely to reach out and want to work with you, than if you weren’t tagging brands at all. It’s a win-win really. By tagging brands you have the chance to be compensated in some way AND make it more likely that other brands will want to work with you in the future! This could mean opportunities to collaborate with companies, get discounted products or free products too!

Of course we say this all within REASON. Don't straight up lie and tell every one that you're "being sponsored" because you aren't - yet. It's a process.

  • Another way to appear more credible to brands and increase your chances of having them reach out to you, is to be present on other social media platforms rather than just Instagram. Add them into your IG bio so that brands can see your portfolio without having to ask for it. Think TikTok (ESPECIALLY) Youtube, Facebook and Linkedin (This is especially helpful if your Instagram doesn’t have a huge following just yet. When you’re present on multiple social media platforms, you create the ability to reach a much wider audience and also offer more to each brand. You can write reviews, blogs, create videos and then promote these across multiple social accounts.

In saying all of this, you don’t HAVE to wait for your dream brands to come to you, you can go to them! If you find a brand that relates to your niche and that you feel you really align with, email them! DM them! Comment on their social media, Send them a message letting them know you would like to collaborate with them, briefly explain the type of audience you have and how the collaboration would benefit them. Tell them how many followers you have. Tell them how many people generally engage with your posts. Show them some screen shot of your account so they can see the quality of your work.

That's it for now. Use this list and change your life - it WILL WORK.