What's Colour Junkie about?

What's Colour Junkie about?

What does Colour Junkie stand for?

We are an indie New Zealand cosmetic brand that offers high quality millennial beauty products. We aim to offer versatility with our products, so no one is left short of glamour.

We have a very special place in the New Zealand cosmetics market and are a leading supplier of eye on-trend shadow palettes.

Remaining 100% cruelty free & affordable are the cherry on top. I was told as a young girl to stop chasing rainbows, something said to day dreamers to stop them wasting time on their so-called dreams.

Well today, we use this as our statement for all the world to see, ‘Chase the Rainbow’ is our way of motivating every Colour Junkie out there to go & make their dream a reality.

So do it. xx